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We are the driving force behind the Internet of Things. Our operating system for the IoT fuels various different devices and ensures the seamless data transmission, data security and analytics to generate relevant data for our customers and offer highly attractive services to consumers.

In order to achieve this, we focus on specific target markets and are using state-of-the-art, highly scalable systems. On the hardware side, we are leveraging our deep hardware competence, with partners from the hardware industry and offer a one-stop solution to bring devices to the cloud.


Online Platform

Online platform to connect various devices with consumers and companies

Direct Revenue Impact

Focus on transactional business with direct revenue impact of the IoT connections


Large-scale analytical tools and deep insights into consumer and device behavior


Conquering a large and highly attractive segment of the IoT with significant growth potential

Value-added Services

Value-added services enabling transactions and delivering device profiles

Team of Experts

Strong IoT know-how powered by in-house industry experts


Industry-Grade Hardware

We offer industry-grade ready-to-use hardware from tier-1 suppliers.

Painless Device Management

All devices are programmable over-the-air via intuitive, point-and-click user interface.

Fast Integration

The entire software architecture is build on open protocols like REST API.


We provide deep customer insights and actionable reports.


Access millions of devices in real-time.

Full Solution & Security

We offer a secure end-to-end solution from hardware, SIM cards, data transmission to backend software and data management.

Connected Car

Our cars are very complex machines, generating an enormous amount of data every day from hundred thousands of sensors. Field transactions, engine performance, system information… But still, all this information is completely unavailable to the driver. Only 6 million of over 1.2 billions cars in the whole world are connected to the Internet.

The automotive industry is one of the most important und fast evolving domains for the upcoming Internet of Things. The market of connectivity solutions and services will quintuple in the next five years.

ThinxNet is crafting the future of mobility in new, exciting ways. Improving the driving experience through intelligent, connected solutions we give our customers the opportunity to gain real-time data from their cars. Our on-board vehicle diagnostic unit shapes the connectivity of the next level. It aims to enable the cars to communicate with the driver via smartphone. That way, we create a huge impact for the drivers, making their vehicle smarter than before.


Everything about your car in one app on your smartphone. TankTaler is the first IoT-based customer reward and loyalty platform for you, your family and your company! Thanks to the TankTaler app and hardware our customers are always connected to their cars. Our product brings the future of connectivity to all cars without internet connection.

The app provide various information about the car's health condition and fuel level. Our users can also localize their cars with one touch. To thank the users for their loyalty, they are awarded TankTalers for refuelling or participating in amazing campaigns around the car, making their experience even more enjoyable.

Established solution, easy to integrate

Simple user interface
  • Ability to configure and update devices with point-and-click functionality
  • Interface can be integrated in all existing systems/websites
Proven industry-grade setup
  • Technology already in use in high-security environments (airports, police)
  • Databases and visualization highly scaleable
  • Support to add a wide range of existing devices
Easy integration via standard interfaces
  • SAP
  • Any system supporting REST APIs

Data security and privacy ensured

Data security is a crucial component for any IoT system. The system architecture was specifically designed to protect the privacy of consumers. Data security is established by two ways: (I) working in an industry-grade security setup and (II) minimizing data set to transmit to our IoT backend.

Security architecture
  • Cloud system hosted in Germany, applying all German Data Protection Laws
  • Supporting closed communication setups, with no data transmitted through unsecure networks
  • SSL secured communication and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), similar to PGP
Minimizing data
  • Raw sensor data is preprocessed on the device, so only high-level, use case relevant data is sent to backend
  • Data sets are being deleted as soon as possible on devices and backend to help preventing data leaks


Johannes Martens
Managing Director
Johannes has a background in the area of Product Management & Entrepreneurship: He was a founder of Aloqa, a location-based platform and app (acquired by Motorola) and served as Director Product Management at Motorola / Google until 2013. Johannes holds a degree in Technology management (CDTM / UC Berkeley) and a Master in Computer Science (LMU Munich).
Christoph Geiser
Christoph has more than 15 years of professional experience in software development. He was holding senior positions in a number of major companies (including Intel and Infineon) as well as start-ups. Christoph holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen.
Moni Malek
Moni has over 25 years experience in Telecoms/GSM/GPS. He was one of the founders of Optimay GmbH, a GSM Software Company which was later sold to Lucent Technologies. Moni has a Masters Electrical Engineering degree from Cambridge University.
Oliver Götz
Executive Director
Oliver has over 25 years experience as a founder and investor in healthcare and IT companies. He holds a degree in medicinal informatics from TU Munich and a Master in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He is founder, COO, CEO of medical diagnostics and IT corporations (amedes, LabNet). Oliver also has strong Private Equity experience (Atlas Ventures, Bridgepoint Capital, General Atlantic) and is (amongst other positions) Chairman of the board of Kiveda.

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